Clover loves going to Bronte Creek Provincial Park with her pack for small group hikes! Her pack is currently a pack of three; Ellie the Great Dane, Tasha the Doodle, and Clover the Mastweiler. Clover goes to Bronte and runs, plays, wrestles and swims for about an hour and a half every morning with Lyanne and the pack, and comes home SO tired and happy! She sleeps for hours the minute she gets home! She waits so anxiously every morning for Lyanne and the Pack to pick her up and she RUNS to greet them the minute they show up in the driveway. As a student who also works part time, I would never have the time to exercise her so extensively myself. Leader of the Pack is a Godsend!

Alessia P. and CloverClover loves Leader of the Pack

Lyanne is someone who truly cares about dogs, being a dog owner herself. She treats them all like her own family members.

She attracts dogs like a magnet; they absolutely love her! She is professional, reliable, accommodating and trustworthy. She understands that each dog is unique and I totally trust her with my Labradoodle Tasha.

Julia S and Tasha the DoodleTired and Happy

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