Semi Private Group Hikes:

With a maximum of four dogs, grouped together depending on personality, your dog will be sure to come home happy and tired. Total outing time could be upwards of two hours, with a total walking time of 90 minutes. Your dog will be picked up from and dropped off at your home, brought to a leash free trail (usually Bronte Creek Provincial Park), where under close supervision will be free to run and jump through the fields, down to the creek in the summer months, and through lovely wooded trails. Dogs will be kept on leash for the first several trips to ensure he/she understands pack order! Dogs signing up for semi private hikes must be friendly with people and other dogs, be fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and have a reliable recall. Dogs that show a tendency to roam away from the pack will be put on leash and worked with. Sometimes it may be recommended that private leash walks be implemented until they gain some additional training on their leash and recall work.

Private Dog Walks:

Sometimes dogs do better with some one on one time. Private dog walks will be on leash and we can incorporate some training in there as well, if requested. You have the option of 30, 45 and 60-minute leash walks depending on your particular dog’s needs. Walks may take place in your neighbourhood, local park or trails. We will keep it fresh and alter the routes on a regular basis. Private walkers do not need to be animal or people friendly, but we can work on those issues for you as well, if requested.

Potty Breaks:

Recommended for Senior Dogs, who just need a trip outside, a change of water, medication and a few snuggles before curling back up to sleep. Potty breaks are approximately 15 minutes in length and can be booked once or twice per day.

Puppy Visits/Puppy Outings for Socialization:

Puppies need more frequent potty breaks, smaller, more frequent meals, a little playtime, short leash sessions and sometimes a crate clean up. Our 30-minute puppy visits are a great way to ensure your wee one is happy and cared for at regular intervals throughout the day. Choose from our 1-2 visits per day or let us customize a schedule for you.

Did you know that your puppy should experience over a hundred different experiences in its first year of life in order to grow up into a well-balanced, confident adult dog? From busy city streets, to playgrounds and stores, vacuum cleaners, scary umbrellas and unfamiliar people, we will take your puppy on safe outings that will introduce him to everything the world has to offer. Puppy socialization can begin as soon as puppy comes home, and will progress into the wild world out outside his home and yard once he becomes a little older and has had all his immunizations.

*All services will include a water change, and a report of their activities and potty duties.  If it is close to mealtime we can take care of that as well. We will also email photos of their excursions.

Service Duration Cost
Semi Private Dog Hikes (4 dogs max) 90 minutes $30 1-3 days per week, $25 4-5 days per week
Private Dog Walk 30 minutes $25 1-3 days per week,  $20 4-5 days per week
Private Dog Walk 45 minutes $30 1-3 days per week, $25 4-5 days per week
Private Dog Walk 60 minutes $35 1-3 days per week, $30 4-5 days per week
Potty Break Midday (M-F) 10-15 minutes $15
Puppy Socialization outings 60 minutes $45 ( includes driving time)
Puppy Visit 30 minutes $25
Puppy Visit 2 x 30 minutes $45
Second Dog from same home:
Semi Private Dog Walk 90 minutes $12.00
Private Dog walk 30-60 minutes $12.00