Treating Pets Like Family

About Me

I am a 20-year resident of Oakville, and a lifelong dog owner. I have owned English Setters,
Rottweilers, Briards and Great Danes. Yes, I like them big. But I also adore them small! I have also been involved with many different animal rescues and charities, including Ontario
Bloodhound Rescue, Danes in Distress, Underground Railroad Multi Breed Transport, Helping Animals Live Over Seas (HALO) and Isla Animals both located on Isla Mujeres Mexico.

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Semi Private Group Hikes:

With a maximum of four dogs, grouped together depending on personality, your dog will be sure to come home happy and tired. Total outing time could be upwards of two hours, with a total walking time of 90 minutes. Your dog will be picked up from and dropped off at your Read More

Private Dog Walks:

Sometimes dogs do better with some one on one time. Private dog walks will be on leash and we can incorporate some training in there as well, if requested. You have the option of 30, 45 and 60-minute leash walks depending on your particular dog’s needs. Read More

Potty Breaks:

Recommended for Senior Dogs, who just need a trip outside, a change of water, medication and a few snuggles before curling back up to sleep. Potty breaks are approximately 15 minutes in length and can be booked once or twice per day. Read More

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Service schedule

Semi Private
Dog Hikes (4 dogs max)

90 minutes

($30 1-3 days Or $25 4-5 days) per week

Dog Walk

30 minutes

($25 1-3 days Or $20 4-5 days) per week

Dog Walk

45 minutes

($30 1-3 days Or $25 4-5 days) per week

Dog Walk

60 minutes

($35 1-3 days Or $30 4-5 days) per week

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Leader of the Pack
Oakville, Ontario Canada


Tel: +905-510-8497